There is so much to love and enjoy about “I Didn’t Always Like Calamari”!

Not only is it fun and entertaining, it is an important and necessary body of work – as it tells the story of the times Bob has lived. Learning about his grandparents’ experiences as immigrants from Italy was especially meaningful to me, as I seek to understand today’s headlines related to the same subject, and why we must all think deeply about how difficult it is to make your way in a new country. It’s important we all know that struggle and appreciate how hard immigrants had to work back then (and perhaps now) to make new lives for themselves in a foreign place. Bob’s vivid and poignant stories about his family provided such a rich, detailed backdrop to that narrative for me. It is also a story about relationships – and what we can learn from them. What Bob went through with his parents is heartbreaking, but he pushed forward in the best way he could. If even one reader comes away feeling inspired to mend a broken relationship, then this book will surely prove to be an invaluable gift.