Novel Description

After a sudden squall leaves cancer-patient, Samantha, and her husband, Daniel, adrift in the South Pacific Ocean for several days, their fractured sailboat floats into a remote island cove where a Polynesian healer treats Samantha with a powerful, plant-based remedy. Back in the states, Samantha’s cancer shows remarkable improvement, sparking the interest of a pharmaceutical executive, Brenda, who becomes obsessed with monetizing this miracle cure, and soon decides she will stop at nothing to take the healing plants for herself.

The Strasser Family Journey

Novel Description

“Fabric of America” is an inspiring story of love, resilience, and the pursuit of the American Dream. Set against the backdrop of 1928 Vienna, Andre and Olivia fall in love while dancing to the enchanting melodies of Johann Strauss’ The Blue Danube Waltz. Their journey leads them to America, where they build a life together, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. It is a heartfelt tale that celebrates the immigrant experience and highlights the countless success stories that have been woven together to create the diverse tapestry of America.

A Tale of An American History Teacher

Novel Description

“The Donut and the Hole” is a compelling novel about growth, self-awareness, and maintaining a strong commitment to your values. William Harrington prioritized pursuing a career that would bring him happiness – not a career that would please his father. His father, Greyson Harrington, was a successful real estate developer who did not have high ethical standards and took advantage of unsuspecting Long Island potato farmers during the post-World War II era. When William refused his father’s offer to join the family business – he chose to pursue a teaching career that spanned over 45 years. His unique style of promoting classroom discussions on the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, the Vietnam War, the American Indian, the United States Presidents, and his inspirational advice to his high school juniors, earned him the accolade … “he was the best teacher I ever had.”

Some Can Change Us Forever

Novel Description

Fateful Outcomes is a character study of two brothers and a sister, who were raised in the same family yet so different. Clare, enamored with Leonardo di Vinci, obtains a license to fly a small single-engine plane. She was a Wharton School of Business graduate who was the smartest and brightest in the family and was destined to take over her father’s successful financial services firm. Peter, an Eagle Scout in his youth, a Teddy Roosevelt enthusiast and lover of the outdoors, was gifted in so many ways, as he rose in the ranks of the New York City Department of Parks. He had a natural ability to succeed at everything he pursued. Everyone wanted to be his friend. Ted, an abuser, and a narcissist was the oldest but struggled to measure up to his younger brother and sister, and ultimately committed the unthinkable!

A NYC Italian-American Story

Memoire Description

New York City in the 1950s – I was a product of America’s economic and societal transformations. My grandparents were Italian immigrants. I proudly anticipated being the first in line to attend college. My family created a pedestal of achievement for me – but after 18 years of being perched atop this pinnacle as the “favored son,” I was no longer supported by them. Relationships were severed and seemingly unbreakable ties now delineated my past life from the one I was about to create.

This is the account of my personal journey to survive and to thrive without my relatives. I discovered that as long as I was in a position to “Make just one someone happy…,” then indeed, I could be happy, too.

And I was.
And I am.